Who can resist the appealing combination of salty pizza dough, melted cheese, and zesty sauce? We promise, you can skip delivery and make delicious, exciting pizzas in your own kitchen – in less than 30 minutes. Our secret weapon is our pre-made, top-quality pizza crusts and flatbreads. Make sure to always keep these on hand for those moments when only pizza will quickly satisfy everyone’s appetite. At Shopright, you can find a variety of flatbreads and pizza bases to make the perfect pizza. Try Sensations by Compliments Thin-Crust Pizza kits which come complete with sauce and cheese, or try Sensations by Compliments Naan breads for a slightly chewy base. Sensations by Complements Flatbreads are another good bet. Have even less time? Stock your freezer with Compliments and Sensations by Compliments frozen pizzas (find your favourite in our freezer aisle). Product availability may vary by store. Check your local Shopright for details.


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